Metalli Luna is an eclectic jewelry brand inspired by art, nature and vintage silverware; designed for the free spirit woman.

Here at Metalli Luna we have been embracing the love and beauty of the artistic self since early 2016.  Owner and designer, Blair Keiser dedicates countless hours and days in her home studio creating the finest of handmade jewelry and consistently honing the self taught metalsmith techniques to produce an insatiable idea into a work of art.

Working with vintage silverware:

A very painstakingly long process, to say the least.  After working with this particularly hard medium for quite some years, Blair has developed a refined technique to get the desired results she looks for.   

How designs come to life:

It starts with a rough sketch.  From there, materials are laid out and the process begins.  Sketches are never final, parts of the designs change, most of the time it  progresses with every moment that goes by.

Forging, leather work, beading and soldering are some of the elements you will see in Metalli Luna jewelry.  Crafting with the utmost attention to detail and care give way to the beauty, wearability and quality of each piece.

The importance of the brand:

Metalli Luna jewelry is a wearable piece of art that is produced from the raw hands of an artist; to become an extension of the person who wears it and to be passed down for generations to come.

All jewelry is made to order; this means each design comes to life once your order is placed.  Nothing is mass produced or outsourced.    


Hope you enjoy! We look forward to adorning you with unique design.